Monday, December 26, 2011

High Dynamic Art & Pin Hole...

"High Dynamic Art" & "Pin Hole" are two of the "Scene Modes" I have in my camera (Panasonic DMC-ZS6)
I was tryin' everything since i bought it... and now I used those two with shootin' the Christmas tree ^_^

High Dynamic Art... Actually I loved it!! it is very unnatural but in a beautiful way ;)

Did u noticed the difference between this one and the previous one? because of the more lighted background of the curtains and the ceiling the tree looked greener and less brightened :D that's nice... :$ 

Oh... here the lights filled the green emptiness between the decorations :)

Pin Hole... well I did used this scene before on my All Star shoes - the first collection - it is fabulous I really like it!! it gives the picture a mysterious effect and takes you into the subject of it... '.'

This one's great ;*

Sweet innocent Jesus... <3

I like this one!! the light put a special effect giving the picture different colors from the decorations and the Pin Hole effect...

Christmas is the best time of the year :) <3
Merry Christmas Everyone :*

Enjoy the video and have a holly jolly christmas... :D


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